About us

Rosie's World was established in 2012 after the birth of beautiful baby Rosie. After 7 years of infertility, Mummy Carly wanted to create a special and unique nursery for their new baby daughter. Unable to find inspiration from High street stores she endeavored to design and create her own furnishings and with the help of "Nanny June" and her sewing machine Rosie's World was born! 

As Rosie has grown, so has the business, developing new and exciting ideas.

In 2014 Carly created her first "Rosie's World Chest". Perosnalising a beautiful piece of furniture and matching it with the other furnishings in Rosie's nursery. Carly shared a picture on social media getting an overwhelming response, our beautiful Perosnalised Chests are still our most popular item!

Meet the team:

Carly, (39) has a real passion for handcrafted items and loves to support other small businesses. She has a background in childcare and so understands the requirements of practicality and beauty. In 2016 Carly was diagnosed with Anxiety and Fibromyalgia, being able to work at home and having a constant focus has been a huge support.

Rob, (43) is an avid Cricket enthusiast and a lifelong Spurs fan! He is the brains behind the business and also local delivery man when needed! Rob's delivery highlight to date has been to the Tottenham Hotspur training ground where he delivered various Rosie's World items to 3 of the players children!

Rosie, (6) is our chief product tester, LOL Doll nut and YouTube creator! She is our constant inspiration and the "real" brains behind the business!

Check out our YouTube Chanel “It’s Rosie’s World” for behind the scene action at Rosie’s World HQ!